Denver Day Camp Update: 

After 8 great years of summer day camp serving Stapleton and Denver,  we have made the difficult decision to close our Denver Day Camps

With the acquisition of our camp property in 2013, the focus of the business has been slowly shifting to our Sleep Away Camp. And, we have found that delivering high quality day and sleep away camps is too broad a focus.

This is not a financial decision - our success in Denver has been great! Explorers just about sells out in March, and Juniors fills nicely (if not always to 100% capacity!) Because of the support of the Stapleton community, we survived and grew during the economic downturn. We even had a few opportunities to transition the program to new ownership, but couldn’t find the right fit. 

Starting with Betsy, and then Tom, and then Jessi, there has been so much energy and dedication to the community and our camp families the past eight years. You have supported us and understood what we do, and ‘get’ what we are good at.

That said, Tom and I want to invite all of you to become part of our Sleep Away Camp family, now called “Camp Granite Lake.” You may think “I could never send my kiddo(s) away for a week!” This is different. You know us, what we do, and what kind of staff we hire. Your campers know the property already from their weekly visits to climb, play, and fish. They know the songs and the stories. Many of the campers your kids were in Juniors or Explorers with the past few summers have made this transition already. 

If you are interested, Tom and I are happy to come over to your house, show our slide show, and answer questions about camp with you and your kids, or you can come up to camp on a private tour.

This was a hard decision to make, and we thank you again for your support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Tom or me with questions.


Tommy Feldman
Founder / Director, AO Camps
720-249-2997 x7 


Tom Pevear
Assistant Director, AO Camps

720-249-2997 x3